Lunch Special
(Daily from 10:30 am-3:30 pm Mon.-Sat.)
Pick any one or two entre¡¯s plus rice or lo mein

Example: 1+4 and Fried Rice = $ 4.49

1£®Genreal Tso's Chicken la
2£®Orange Chicken or Sesame Chicken
3£®Chicken Broccoli
4£®Beef Broccoli
5£®Crab Rangoon
6£®Jindou Bonless Ribs

7£®Spicy Peanut Chickenla
8£®Sweet & Sour
9£®Pepper Steak
10£®Teriyaki Chicken
11£®Chicken Wing
12£®Buffalo Wingla

Burgers Special
(With Soda & French Fries)

1¡¢Cheese Burger
2¡¢Bacon Cheese Burger
3¡¢Big Kahuna Burger
4¡¢BBQ Bacon Cheese Burger
5¡¢Golden Ring Cheese Burger
6¡¢Ranch Chicken Sandwich


Daily special


Hawaiian Chicken Salad


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