It consisted of forming a hole in the earth, heating it with charcoal and placing stones for cooking at high temperatures. On these stones were put the meat that had to be prepared, wrapped with banana leaves or maguey depending on the region. To finish this preparation, the chicken covered with leaves were buried underground and allowed to cook for long hours.

In Pre-Hispanic Mexico, birds, deer and fish were used for cooking this dish. The introduction of sheep, cattle and pigs during Colonial Mexico integrated new meat ingredients into this method of cooking originating from pre-Hispanic cuisine.

Now we will teach you how to make a delicious beef barbecue recipe at home.

Ingredients for the barbecue at home

1 kg beef (half rib and half chest)
Bay leaves 1/5 teaspoon oregano
Two onions
Three cloves garlic
Six chilli peppers
1/2 teaspoon thyme
1/2 teaspoon cumin

The Best Way to make beef barbecue

-Put the meat to boil with oregano, thyme, bay leaf and onion

-For the chilli soak the guajillo peppers, grind them in the blender with the garlic, the other onion and the cumin. (Salt to taste)

-When the chilli is ground put it to the meat (strained)

-Leave a few hours until the meat softens.

  • And enjoy a delicious beef barbecue at home that is one of the most delicious meals in the Mexican Republic.

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