A barbecue at home is always a good plan for the weekend.

barbecue party in the courtyard of our house is always a good plan for the weekend, especially when we can share it with our friends and family. The truth is that to offer a good party, and it is necessary to have certain things that ensure the comfort and success of the celebration. That’s why this time we show you the seven things you need to have to make the best barbecue party at home. 

1. Electric compact heater / cooler

In a refrigerator / electric heater that works through a 12V DC car adapter cable and a built-in AC adapter that allows it to cool to 40º F and heat to 130º F.

It is a tool with a capacity of 48 quarts, enough space for you to store multiple containers with your favorite foods. Also, it has wheels and a handle for you to move wherever you want while enjoying a tasty barbecue in the garden.

2. Compact grill for charcoal

It is a charcoal grill designed with a bowl with enameled lid made of porcelain and galvanized steel hinged grill. It has a One-Touch cleaning system so that the ashes are housed in a removable dustpan.

It also has two nylon handles reinforced with glass material; a heat regulator allows you to control the temperature without lifting the lid and wheels to transport.

3. 15kg bag of charcoal

This dense wood charcoal ignites easily. And is ready to grill in just 15 minutes; Also, it can last hours on, does not release harmful smoke and keeps the heat for longer. The package weighs 15.9 Kg.

It is among the options when making a barbecue, as it helps fish, meat, and vegetables get a better taste, and has a higher calorific power to cook the dishes to your point.

4. Set of barbecue accessories

It is a set of 7 barbecue accessories made of stainless steel and with a heat-resistant rubber handle. The package comes with a spatula, tweezers, fork, silicone brush, salt, and pepper shaker, and storage bag with a golf club style.

It is a design that combines its functionality and modernism so that all those lovers of golf and barbecues can enjoy from the comfort of the house.

5. Plastic disposable cups

They are plastic cups with a contemporary design that add dynamism to the decoration so that your guests enjoy hot or cold drinks. The package comes with 100 units of 16 ounces.

It is a way to save time at a party with your family and friends since you’re able to enjoy the big event without worrying about breaking your glass glasses or having to wash them later.

6. Ceramic snack plate

It is a ceramic plate for snacks with an elegant design that includes four divided sections and arranged in a spiral pattern. It also includes four metal skewers and a removable wooden stand.

It is a perfect piece for you to distribute the different foods that you are going to serve during the barbecue at the table so that your guests can practically taste different flavors.

7.Aloha teriyaki sauce bards

Aloha teriyaki for grills made with natural ingredients that play with the characteristics of soy sauce, ginger, garlic, sugar, and so on. And a touch of spicy. 

These delicious sauces add a full and rich flavor that elevates the taste of grilled meat, although you can also use it with fried or baked dishes so that your guests will suck their fingers in each bite.

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