Walking outdoors and eating outside the house in a picnic-style is a plan that excites the whole family. It helps to change the routine and adds a touch of emotion. For this, you must be well prepared and plan what to wear. 

For those who understand how to take action, it is an easy task, with ideas for putting together a delicious and healthy picnic that everyone enjoys.

With these suggestions, you are going to be able to now readily arrange and make a picnic considering the preferences of the own guests and also the location where you’re going to make them. 

Five ideas to build a delicious and healthy picnic

Long live the chips or snacks!

  • They are your allies to enjoy at any time, especially before starting with the main “dish” of the picnic. Chips or snacks are small foods, which can be held with the hands or what is known as finger food, several of them can be accompanied with dips, dressings or delicious homemade sauces. An idea to simplify chip preparation? Cut different foods into small pieces: potatoes with some dressing, chicken orchard croquettes and onions.
  • Here we leave you a recipe for bacon dip to prepare quickly and that your guests will enjoy it.

In search of the ideal main course

  • Two main dishes will be your allies to put together a delicious and healthy picnic: salads and sandwiches. Salads propose a mixture of different foods, varied and with a lot of flavours. Sandwiches are a classic of picnics, and you can think of different varieties, depending on the character of everyone.
  • An idea of ​​a super-complete salad: tomato pieces, grated carrots, potato chips in dressing, shredded chicken and chopped egg. To this, add olive oil, salt to taste and, if you like, spices.
  • For the sandwich, an option is to prepare it with lean bread. Add dressing of choice, cheese, tomato, egg and tuna, which can be replaced by slices of ham, salami or shredded chicken.

Fruits, always allied

  • Do not forget them because they are invaluable companions. Look for seasonal fruits or some that frequently do not consume in the family. For example, if in general they always eat apples or oranges, try taking some kiwis, mangoes or watermelon picnic.

Dessert time!

  • Prepare desserts for a picnic may seem, at first glance, a cumbersome idea. But it is not at all! Prepare a custard and divide it into several small moulds with a lid for easy carrying. This is a dessert that kids love and will thank you.

Prepare a “creative” water

  • Hydration in a day outdoors is essential. But often drinking water alone, especially for the little ones, can seem tedious. Well, then explore new ways to prepare a “flavoured” water. To a litre of water you can add:
    • Orange Slices
    • Slices of lemon and mint leaves
    • Sliced ​​lemon and ginger chips (well washed and skinless)

Build a delicious and healthy picnic: how to plan

  • Two tips so you can prepare your picnic:
    • Write down well what you should make, according to the tastes of each one and what you want to take
    • Check what you already have in your home for preparation and what you should buy
  • Keep in mind if any food needs permanent refrigeration and if you have a suitable container to transport it. You are ready to go out for a picnic!

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